The product ROOIBOS (Red Bush) herbal tea

  • ROOIBOS is a herbal bush that grows naturally only in certain areas in South Africa, nowhere else in the entire world, and is NOT GMO engineered.

  • ROOIBOS farms have been in families for generations and the growers have become experts, efficiently producing the highest quality tea at affordable prices.

  • ROOIBOS does not require pesticides or fertilizer, in fact, fertilizer application is detrimental to the growth of the plant.

  • Insects do not attack the plant, so no pesticides are required.

  • ROOIBOS is always grown organically; the ROOIBOS plant only grows when real organic farming practices are followed, so that's what the farmers do to be successful.

  • ROOIBOS is known for unique flavor and soothing qualities.

  • Caffeine free, ROOIBOS is an ideal hot or cold drink in the afternoon or evenings for children and adults alike.

  • In South Africa, ROOIBOS is the drink of choice to supplement the standard milk diet for infants and children.

  • Parents find ROOIBOS to be a soothing choice, both for themselves and for their children.

  • The natural taste of ROOIBOS allows it to be consumed just as it is, making it very convenient for the consumer, since milk, sugar, or lemon may not always be handy.

  • In Restaurants, not having to assemble everything required for hot tea, lemon, cream, and sugar, saves on labor costs. Saving on the lack of up-charge for the lemon, cream, and sugar increases profit.

  • In terms of quality, taste and characteristics, ROOIBOS is beginning to make an impact on the international tea drinking fraternity as product awareness grows.


Our product My T Chai SPICED ROOIBOS.

  • From a historical perspective1, mixing a naturally occurring herbal bush with spices available from the Cape of Good Hope spice route was a logical step and natural progression.

  • The resultant taste is a blend of naturally enhanced flavors and tastes complimenting each other in a unique way.

  • Like the exceptional and quality South African wines, My T Chai SPICED ROOIBOS lingers on the palate and makes you go back for more.

  • In blind tasting, My T Chai SPICED ROOIBOS is highly acclaimed by great tea drinking cultures.

  • South Africans consume approximate 40% of the world's ROOIBOS tea, and our brand, My T Chai has the highest market share of 20 brands of ROOIBOS in the SA market.

  • There is growing popularity of ROOIBOS worldwide, consumption outside of SA is now driving the growth of My T Chai SPICED ROOIBOS.

  • The health benefits of the spices in My T Chai SPICED ROOIBOS are well known. (Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Seed, Ginger Root, Clove Bud, Pepper Seed).


1 The Cape of Good Hope was established by the Dutch East India Company in 1652 at the southern point of Africa as a half way station between Europe and the East. With the advance in seafaring vessel design of the 1400's and the 1500's this became a viable route to acquire spices and other products from the Far East and trade to Europe. The company [VOC] established a small colony and soon immigrants from France (Protestant refugees), Germany, and The Netherlands were establishing farms to supply the ships of all nations passing around the Cape of Good Hope. Fresh produce such as meat, fruit, grain, and vegetables, were produced in abundance. Soon more durable products such as dried & cured meat, dried fruit, wool, animal skins for leather goods, pure alcohol, brandy, wine, and extracts from various natural plants, and Rooibos tea were added.